Anna Robinson-Sweet

Anna Robinson-Sweet, Here Lies Honour, silkscreen, 2020

I am a PhD candidate in Information Studies at UCLA. My research examines how communities impacted by state violence in the United States use archives and records for accountability beyond the confines of the criminal legal system. As an abolitionist, I seek to uplift liberatory memory work and build archival practice for a future without prisons or police. 

At UCLA, I work with the Community Archives Lab and the BioCritical Studies Lab. Previously, I  was an archivist at The New School Archives. Outside of the academy and the archive, I am involved in abolitionist organizing and make art that deals with the intersection of public history, memory, and liberation. Currently, I organize with Stop LAPD Spying Coalition and the Prison Library Support Network

Caring for Archives of Incarceration: The Ethics of Carceral Collecting at University Archives - Archivaria - 2024

“It Was As Much for Me as Anyone Else:” The Creation of Self-Validating Records (with Michelle Caswell) - Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies - 2023

We Keep Us Safe - Log - summer 2020

We're Coming for Your Records - Acid Free - 2020

Right: Here Lies Honour - silkscreen - 2020

Anna Robinson-Sweet, Here Lies Honour, silkscreen, 2020